6 things you MUST do to create a spectacular home page on your website



Here are a few of ideas guaranteed to help improve your website home page:

1. Have an easy to understand tagline

This sums up why you’re different from the other guy. What’s special about your company that makes you the ‘go to’ person/company in your field? It’s an important part of your branding and probably appears in other places where you advertise your business – like brochures, social media pages – even your business card. When they visit your website, people have a couple of seconds to work out what you do. Don’t miss the chance to tell them up front. Examples of this include:

Bunnings = Lowest prices are just the beginning

Woolworths = Fresh food people

Secret Gardens (landscape/gardens) = Everyone needs a secret hideaway

Apple’s iPad Pro = Thin. Light. Epic.

2. Include a strong call to action

People need to be told what to do. Where to go on your site to find the information they need. Quickly. Do you want them to ask for a quote? Take a look at recent examples of your work. Join your mailing list. Make an appointment. View your most recent video. Or even buy the widget you’re selling.

Where possible, include links within the copy to keep them on your site and lead them to information they’re interested in. Importantly for your business, lead them to click on the most important area of your site – your key product or service, or your speciality.

3. Include attractive, relevant images

You’re trying to make an impression quickly. Including interesting, attractive photos is a great idea for communicating what you’re all about to your website visitor. Can your image tell a story about how your client might feel when they use your product or service (happy, satisfied, relieved)?

4. Highlight your most important product or service

People get overwhelmed by too much information. Give them enough to take the next step. You might not want to present every single one of your services and products on your home page. Think about the main service that people look to you to perform. It’s probably your most profitable. If you’ve got a lot on offer think about how you might be able to categorise your services or products into a few major categories.

5. Keep ‘what’s in it for your customer’ top of mind

So you need to relate to your website visitor what you’re about, but don’t forget. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

What is it about you that helps them solve a problem that they have? Sure, you’ve been around for 55 years, but really, who cares? What is it about your experience that really works for them? What does that mean to your potential client? Spell it out. How does it do this in a way that totally suits them? What might their life look like if they use your service or buy your product?

6. Give them more good reasons to work with you

Include some social proof. You know you’re good, but there’s nothing like reading other people’s testimonials or case studies to support your credibility. People want to feel safe and reassured that they’re making the right decision doing business with you.