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Blog writing will help your audience know, trust and like you

Well-written online blog articles that deliver value to your audience can win hearts and minds.

Want to help your ideal client know, trust and like you, while moving them along the journey to buy what you sell (whether that’s a product, a service or an idea)?

Your online blog articles should:

Show that you have expert knowledge on your special subject

Provide your audience with helpful, engaging ideas

Display the right level of confidence and empathy, without appearing to be a ‘know-it-all’

Help your prospective customers understand what you have to offer – the value you can offer them

Be used as content for your email newsletter or shared on your social media pages

Let’s plan your blog writing strategy together.

Writing for the web takes skill and a good understanding of your business and your customer.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about crafting your website copy to help people find you when they search online. SEO friendly content includes things like:

Including the most important keywords for your business

Writing conversational copy

Having catchy headlines and frequent subheadings

Using short sentences and paragraphs and breaking-up your copy so it’s easy to read

The first step is working out your blog writing plan

When it comes to writing your blogs, always have a plan! Pinpoint your audience, choose your themes and decide what you want to achieve.


What does your prospect look like and at what stage of the buying journey are they?

You’ll also need to consider your prospective customer’s journey – does your blog topic answer the question of someone just starting their buyer’s journey – or can we assume they’re experienced consumers?


Your blogs should answer your prospect’s burning questions

A great way to plan your blog content is to think of all the questions your customers have ever asked you and answer them. From there, planning your blog content is easy.

Whether you’re marketing your business to other businesses or direct to consumers, an engaging blog provides the start of a conversation with your ideal client.

Find out more about how to make your blog writing more compelling here.

"Organised, thorough and very responsive. We love using Denise as our copywriter and can’t recommend her enough. She is one of the few copywriters who understands marketing and SEO. Her work is always perfectly aligned...

Kerstin Hoefner

Kerstin Hoefner

Digital Marketing ManagerSleepX

"A skilful SEO copywriter. I wanted to have regular blog articles on both of my websites. Unfortunately, it wasn’t happening due to time constraints. Denise helped me get organised and planned our blog posts in advanced and...

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Katarina Smelikova

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