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Hearing Care Marketing and Copywriting is part of my DNA!

For 10 years, I ‘lived and breathed’ hearing care when I headed up the marketing department at AudioClinic. (AudioClinic was the Australian retail chain managed by Oticon, one of the world’s largest hearing care providers in the world. Their hearing clinics now operate under the Audika brand).

I looked after the marketing for over 68 hearing clinics and managed a huge budget for advertising, direct mail, email newsletters, brochures, GP marketing and clinic fit-out.

I also had the opportunity to travel overseas, sharing marketing ideas with hearing care marketers from all over the world.

Though I’ve helped various types of companies over the years, there are a few industries that I’m really interested in.

I’ve worked on many copywriting or marketing projects for hearing care businesses. This has given me experience in the topic and means I ‘get’ how your business works and what your clients might be interested in.

I know I can make a real difference to your hearing care business. After all, you’re too busy looking after your clients and taking care of your practice to worry about marketing your business.

I simply like diving deep into the topic. I love the idea of supporting businesses that take care of people’s health and give them a better quality of life.

I’ll help you connect with your people who need your hearing care services.

Copywriting and Marketing support for hearing care clinics – both large and small.

I’ve worked for one of the world’s largest hearing care companies. But more recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with enthusiastic, independent hearing care professionals. I’ve worked alongside the hearing clinic owner to launch and grow their business.

My hearing care marketing services include:

Briefing the design of your hearing clinic’s website and working alongside a graphic designer

Professional, yet conversational SEO copywriting for websites helps to market your hearing care business so you can be found in Google searches

Writing and posting regular blogs on interesting and topical subjects for hearing care clients

Writing client and GP brochures which describe the clinic’s services and how it can help

Designing, writing and sending email newsletters to hearing care clients which include tips for using their hearing aids, new product information and other topics of interest

Copywriting, designing and posting regular social media posts

Copywriting client and GP letters, including hearing test reminders

Writing local paper advertisements and liaising with a graphic designer to create compelling hearing care clinic ads

Hire me to look after your marketing – so you can take care of more hearing care clients.

A professional hearing care marketer and copywriter can help you connect with people who have hearing trouble and attract them to your business.

So, whether you’re launching a new business, or maintaining your hearing care clinic, I can help you connect to prospects and clients through clearer, more engaging communications.

"Denise has been brilliant for our company's electronic presence. Her knowledge and writing skills are second to none."...

Dean Laird

Dean Laird

Director/Hearing ClinicianMy Hearing

"Denise’s approach was friendly, supportive and always striving to deliver the highest quality of service."...

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