Writing Services

My professional writing services will clarify your marketing message and help your business grow.

Use my marketing & writing services and I’ll deliver:

Better business writing with a clear marketing message that sums up your USP (unique selling proposition) will help you connect to your target audience.

Well-written B2B copywriting will show that you understand your client’s problems and know how to solve them.

Content that’s educational, easy-to-read and helpful, will lead people to know, trust and like you.

Website Copywriting

Your B2B website content needn’t be dry and boring! Banish boring messages and let people know they’ve come to the right place.

Blog & Article Writing

Engage your audience and build your authority as the expert in your field. Publish your blog on your website, then share your blog articles in your email newsletter and on social media.


Keep in touch with your B2B clients and prospects with informative, educational newsletters.

Case Study

Showcase your expertise with relatable, well-written B2B case studies. Tell stories about your clients’ challenge and how you helped them solve their problems.

Why use a professional SEO copywriter?

SEO copywriting (that’s Search Engine Optimisation) is all about helping people find you online.

Attract the right people to your business with well-written, useful website content. Using an experienced SEO copywriter will also help Google find you.

As a freelance SEO copywriter, I’m your ‘gun for hire’.

I understand how people read online. I know how to ask for the sale.

I’ll research the right keywords and craft the words for your website, blog or newsletter without the hassle of managing in-house staff.

My freelance writing services also include:

Email Marketing


Direct Mail

Product Descriptions

Linkedin Profiles

Press Releases

Staff Profiles


Use a B2B Copywriting Specialist.

B2B is shorthand for ‘’Business to Business’. If you’re a B2B business, you’re communicating with people at work (not ‘consumers’, which is known as B2C).

In the old days, we always said that B2B decision-making was more rational compared to the buying behaviour we associate with people choosing consumer products.

But we now know that people still like dealing with other people they’ve come to know and trust. So, it’s not all corporate-speak and spreadsheets. People in businesses want to connect and buy from people who understand their needs. People they can trust.

Whether it’s on your website or in your client newsletter, you want to communicate with people and show that you understand their problems. Offer them solutions.

Why use an SEO Copywriter?