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I Specialise in Building, Construction and Landscape Marketing and Copywriting.

In Australia, demand for building, construction and outdoor landscape services has been booming. But things can, and often do, change. The time to be marketing your business is now. Don’t wait until things slow down.

Though I’ve helped various types of companies over the years, there are a few industries that I’m really interested in.

I’ve worked on many copywriting or marketing projects for companies in the building, construction and landscape industries. This means I ‘get’ how your business works and what your clients might be interested in.

I know I can make a real difference to your business. After all, I understand that you’re too busy doing all the things you need to do to earn a living – or you find the idea of writing for your website or blog is not something you feel confident about.

I simply like diving deep into what your clients need – and describe how you can best solve their problems.

How can building, construction and landscape businesses use marketing to keep the work coming in?

Build compelling content on your website.

No business can get by without a decent website these days. It’s often the first port of call for anyone wanting to check if you’re who you say you are. Every building, construction and landscape services website should be clearly written and include interesting photos of the work you’ve done and the people in the firm.

Your business website is the place to:

display your best work

describe your capabilities

include your latest projects

outline your qualifications and training

back-up your work with client testimonials

Sharpen up your capability statement.

In the building and construction industry, a well-written capability statement is needed before any client will press ‘go’ on a project. Your capability statement should include a lot of the same information you have on your website – but in an easy to read, summarised form.

Showcase your work with recent projects and case studies.

Nothing works likely showing the work you’ve completed. A case study approach is helpful to potential clients and prospects as it gives you a chance to:

Go into detail about the challenges of each project

Describe how you solved these challenges

Include comments from your team, which helps people get to know who you’ve got on board

Include positive comments from your clients

"From brief instructions, her research and experience made it a pleasure to work with her. I found working with Denise to be efficient, simple and productive."...

"Denise has been a great help in providing a clear and engaging message about our products and services. We really value her contribution to our marketing activities."...

Madeleine Walding

Madeleine Walding

Commercial Manager & Landscape ArchitectProludic Australia

Profile your experienced team.

Every business is a ‘people’ business. Including staff profiles on your website can make your business seem more approachable. It helps people who have yet to do business with you feel more comfortable with you and your team

Use an email newsletter to keep in touch with clients and prospects.

Keeping top-of-mind with clients and prospects in building and construction can be a challenge. Everyone’s busy.

Sending a regular, well-written email newsletter to a targeted list of clients and prospective clients does just that. Helps you stay in touch.

Your newsletter can include project information and case studies. It’s also a great place to deliver video content of your most recent work. Find out more here.

Use social media to grow your building, construction or landscape services business.

If you’re not making the most of social media these days, you’re missing out on a valuable way of reaching out to clients and prospects.

Linkedin – If you’re dealing with the big corporates or government departments, make sure you have a well-written, regularly updated Linkedin profile. Use it to connect to key decisionmakers in your industry. Share project news. Announce new staff. Showcase your projects.

Instagram – Instagram is widely used by people in the building and landscape industries. And of course, as they say, a picture says a thousand words. Upload photos and videos of your latest projects – and post regularly. Remember to use the right hashtags. That way the right people will find you more easily.

Let me help you market your business.

I get it. You’re busy. And even larger companies often rely on freelancers to help support their marketing. It saves having a marketing team inhouse. A good professional copywriter will get to know your business and work alongside you to connect with clients and grow your business.

If you need help in marketing your building, construction or landscape business, get in touch. Tap into my experience copywriting and marketing your type of business.

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