Frequently Asked Questions

What's involved in 'copywriting'?

If ever you’ve tried to write good copy for a brochure or a blog without thinking too much about the topic, it often doesn’t work.

Great copy involves a bit of brainstorming and creative thinking. You need to think about the product or service that you’re selling. What are the benefits? What ‘problem’ does it solve? Who is the audience it addresses? There’s often a bit of research involved. Then it usually involves a few drafts before it goes to the client. Some more editing… then once it’s sent to the client there’s the opportunity for revisions if necessary. Then there’s a final proofread and you’re ready.

Why does your marketing or copywriting project always start with a brief?

  1. Every new marketing or writing task needs a brief. To make sure I do the best job possible I’ll need to gather some information about your company, your products, your customers and your goal. Once you give me the go ahead, I’ll email you to find out this information, or we can just talk it through on the phone.
  2. I’ll send you my version of the brief to make sure I have got it right.
  3. Then I’ll get to work. After sending my draft document to you (the client) you can make any changes or discuss those changes with me to make sure it’s exactly what you’re after. You have a couple of opportunities to review the project.
  4. I then send you your finished proof-read product with my invoice.

How does it work if Marketing Buzz writes and sends my client newsletter?

Here’s how it works:

  1. We work on a brief together for your newsletter – who is the newsletter aimed at, what’s important to your clients, what sort of messages do you want to convey, how often should the newsletter go out? How do you want the newsletter to look? Will you supply the copy for editing or do you need some of the writing done for you? Where will the photos come from?
  2. I create a one-off newsletter template for your approval
  3. I set-up your client email list
  4. I drop in your content for approval
  5. I send the newsletter
  6. I send you a follow-up report showing how many people opened the email and whether they clicked through to your website (two weeks later)

How much are your services?

My copywriting and marketing consulting services are generally charged out at a very reasonable hourly rate. It’s standard practice for copywriters to ask for a 50% deposit up front before starting a job.  My payment terms are 7 days. If you’d like a quote just contact me and we can discuss your project.

What are your term and conditions?

MB = Marketing Buzz

  1. MB reserves the right to requote if additional services are required or there are major changes to the project timing or scope.
  2. All deliverables will be provided electronically in pdf or Word format.
  3. To meet the proposed program turnaround, we require the client comments to be returned to us within 10 days.
  4. Final deliverables should include client sign-off (physically signing off an approval form which can be scanned & emailed to MB).
  5. Should the project be cancelled before completion, the client will be reasonably invoiced for time spent.
  6. There are many factors that contribute to your business’s success, so while all care will be taken, MB cannot guarantee conversion, sales or SEO results on services provided.
  7. MB retains copyright on all material supplied until final payment has been received from the client.


  1. 7 days from invoice; 50% upon agreement of proposal & prior to project commencement; final payment upon delivery of final version of deliverables.
  2. Invoicing can be staged once a timeline of tasks is agreed upon.
  3. GST is not charged.

EFT is the preferred payment option and account details will be issued on your invoice.

Any more questions?