Email Newsletters

73% of Australian marketers rate email newsletters as the most effective way to advertise.

And 85% of Australian marketers use email marketing to grow their business.

Email newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. They can:

Help build brand awareness

Showcase your expertise

Produce leads

Assist with referrals

They’re also great at spreading the word about your new products or services.

When you offer helpful and informative content, your audience get to know and trust you.

But how do you make sure your email newsletter is read?

Every communication you have should focus on what your clients are interested in.

Make them the hero of your story… and explain how you will help them overcome their problems and make their life better with your products and services.

Avoid talking about how great you are – write about how great you will make them look.

What’s your goal?

Like any worthwhile activity, you need to set your goals for your email newsletter and a plan for the sort of topics you want to write about. What do you want to achieve?

And most importantly…what do you want your readers to do once they’ve read your newsletter? (for example, they might call you about an offer, email you for a quote, download a handy tips guide you have on your website).

To make your newsletter readable, always write in a friendly, approachable tone, and make it relevant.

A regular online newsletter or blog is a cost effective way of keeping your brand top of mind, ready for when they’re making a buying decision.

If you don’t already have your own client email list, let’s talk about how to build one on your website using sign-up forms.

What services do I offer:

  • I WRITE your email newsletter
  • SEND your newsletter to your client list
  • Compile a REPORT on your newsletter 

Ask for your free copy of my ebook “23 Great Client Newsletter Ideas” and let’s talk about creating your own client newsletter.

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There is no better way to build a responsive audience of clients or customers for your business, than with the classic workhorse of the internet, your email list.”


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