Case Study Writing

Case study writing that helps make you the expert in the eyes of your ideal client

A well-written B2B case study is an excellent way of giving your prospective clients a taste of what you can do for them.

Your case study tells a story of how you’ve helped a real customer overcome their challenges.

Writing a compelling business case study:

Gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise

Shows the type of problems you can solve for your clients

Showcases your products and your services

Gives satisfied clients a chance to express their satisfaction with your service and provide a testimonial

Helps build your credibility by including proof – specific measures of how you contributed to your client’s success

Is a useful selling tool for your sales and marketing team

Can be published on your website and shared via your client newsletter or social media

The 7 essential elements of effective case study writing:

Headline & Subheading


The Challenges

Your Solutions

The Result


A call to action

Why create a marketing case study?

Because they work.

According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2020 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 69% of B2B marketers and (82% of technology businesses) used persuasive case studies in their marketing in the last 12 months.

Including the most important keywords for your business

Writing conversational copy

Having catchy headlines and frequent subheadings

Using short sentences and paragraphs and breaking-up your copy so it’s easy to read

But who has the time to research and write a great business case study that really sells your business?

Writing a great marketing case study takes a bit of work.

It’s important to write in an authentic voice, so preparing your case study usually involves a phone interview with the featured client, members of your own team.

You also want your case study to be written in language that’s easy to read and easy to understand. That means using bullet-points and making sure you use plenty of white space around the text.

You’ll want to include photos, illustrations and graphics that the reader will find interesting.

While including the necessary technical terms appropriate for your industry is fine, try and make it conversational. It’s easier to read that way.

Your written case study can also be the starting point for a case study video.

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