Is there a really simple formula for describing your business?



Try this simple formula for making your business irresistible to your customers

Writing copy for your website, customer newsletter or blog can be hard. Wouldn’t you like a formula that cuts through the crap and leads to action?

In her instructive and easy to read book “Web Copy that Sells”, Maria Veloso advises that there are just 5 questions you need to answer to come up with great selling copy:

Step 1: What’s the problem? Rather than jumping straight in with how great your product or service is, show that you understand your client’s world. Describe what it is that might be causing them pain. It proves that you know your audience. You’ve thought a lot about their problems. You ‘get’ them. Go through the exercise of writing down the issues that our client’s might be facing.

Step 2: Why hasn’t the problem been solved? What’s the history behind this problem? Are there obstacles to why they might not have found a solution? Write these down. Being able to communicate your understanding of their situation will also help build anticipation of whatever solution you’re about to introduce them to.

Step 3: What’s possible? Set the stage for your audience by describing what life would be like if their problem was solved. What opportunities would present themselves? How would their life be better?

Step 4: What’s different now? Here’s where you explain where you come into the picture. How your product or service can help them and get rid of that problem that’s causing them pain. Explain how you, and you alone, will do this differently from others. This is your competitive advantage. Write down why you can help.

Step 5: What should you do now? Having unearthed that there is a problem to be solved and that you are in the position to help, simply tell them what you want them to do next. A call to action might be to ask them to call for a quote, download your instructional ebook, or buy your product.

These steps should be the basis of your website copy. In fact they form the ideas you can use in all of your communications including how you introduce yourself to others.

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